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When Butter Churns to Gold

I'm very proud of the work that I did on the development of the show called, "Windjammers".  This charming and tuneful musical amost didn't happen, but due to my perserverence in redefining the concept of the show and resurrecting the glorious music that was already there, it did!  And, it went on to become a beautifully staged show at American Folklore Theater in Door County, Wisconsin.  Audiences loved the blend of local history with beautiful tunes based on the old songs sung by the sailors of the Great Lakes.

The success of "Windjammers" gave me the opportunity to write a brand new musical, this time a parody of old-fashioned melodramas.  With a cartoonish set of characters, a bouncy score and plenty of audience interaction, it was a hit!  The show premiered summer of 2015, remounted the following year and then produced again the following year at The Great American Melodrama in Oceano, CA.  Audiences loved the interactive nature of the show and delighted in the wacky puns, and local setting.

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