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Height: 5”11” -- Hair: Lt. Brown -- Weight: 178 lbs --  Eyes: Blue-Gray



Mother’s Day                                                Supporting            Amfran Entertainment                      Nico Raineau

A Thing Called Happiness                              Supporting            Two Legged Dog Prods.                   John Hermann

Parkway Elementary Confidential                    Lead                     PEC Prods./LMU                             Brian Ritter

The Follower                                                 Lead                     Velocity Man Prods.                         Nate Ottley

Singles Night                                                Lead                     Stephanie Albrycht                          Robert Gustafson

Brahmin Bulls (Michael Lerner, Roshan Seth)      Featured               Brahmin Bulls, LLC                           Mahesh Pailoor                  

Two Of A Kind                                             Co-Star                  Honor Films                                    Julian Moss

And Then Came Summer                               Co-Star                  Guardian Pictures                           Jeff London

Life Is A Sweet                                              Supporting            13 Clowns Productions                     James Duff


Boystown (Canadian Broadcast)                    Lead (2 seasons)      Ricky Reidling, Prod.                      Ricky Reidling

Crusade                                                     Guest Star               Babylonian Productions (TNT)          Mike Vejar

Annie Unleashed (Pilot)                                Guest Star               Foster Films, Inc.                            Gina Garcia

7th Heaven                                                 Co-Star                   Spelling Television                         Harry Harris


THEATRE (Highlights)                          Founding Member: Academy for New Musical Theater (ANMT)

Titanic, The Musical (BroadwayWorld Award)       Charles Clark                             Musical Theatre Guild  Calvin Remsberg

Chess, In Concert                                               Anatoly (StageScene LA Award)   Musical Theater LA/MET  Robert Marra

Windjammers                                                    Jack, Director                             ANMT   Re-Conceived, Directed

Elegies: A Song Cycle                                         Ensemble                                  Workman Arts & Entertainment Academy

Cry Havoc                                                         Nicholas Field                           WCE  Richard Israel

Sunday in the Park…(Ovation Nominee)               Franz/Dennis, George (u/s)        WCE  Calvin Remsberg

Your Mother’s Butt…(by Alan Ball)                        The Androgynous Waiter             WCE  Keith Hoffman

A New Brain                                                     Roger (Lead)                              WCE  Todd Nielsen

The Libertine                                                      Etherege (Lead)                          Pasadena Shakespeare Co.  Gillian Bagwell

The Adding Machine                                          The Boss                                    Grove Theatre Center   Kevin Cochran

Eastern Standard                                                Stephen (Lead)                           Santa Monica Theatre Guild   Lewis Hauser

And The World Goes ‘Round                               Ensemble (Lead)                         Oregon Cabaret Theatre   Jim Giancarlo

Much Ado About Nothing                                   Benedict (Lead)                          Central Coast Shakespeare Festival

Hamlet                                                              Laertes                                      Central Coast Shakespeare Festival

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead                  The Player (Lead)                         Artemis, A Theatre Company

The Mousetrap                                                   Giles (Lead)                                Great American Melodrama & Vaudeville



Audition Skills/Technique:         Caryn West (C West’s Audition Skills), Jeffrey Brooks (Actor’s Creative Workshop)

Acting/Scene Study:                 Stephen Book/Larry Drake (Emmy Winner), Kimberly Jentzen - Living The Art Institute

Improvisation:                          Improvisational Acting for Scripted Work (Larry Drake two-time Emmy winner, Stephen Book), Theatresport:s-Lisa Fredrickson, Sue Peahl, ComedySportz LA-Pablo Marz, Pat Dade

Commercial Technique:              John Sudol (Nailing the Reaction Shot), Terry Berland, Joey Paul

Voice-Over Workshop:               Cheryllyn Carter

Vocal Technique:                       MaryJoAgresta Duprey, Calvin Remsberg (Ovation Nominations: Sweeney Todd & Sunday in the Park)


Graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York City

Music Performance Major at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh



SPORTS:  Volleyball, Bowling, Curling, Roller & Ice Skating (have skates), Weight Lifting

VOCALS:  Tenor - Low A to High Bb, Sight Reading, Lead Vocals and Backup Vocals

DIALECTS:  British, Cockney, Scottish, Irish, Russian, German, Midwestern, Southern, New York and Minnesotan

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS:  Clarinet, Piano, Flute, Some Percussion

OTHER:  Computer Whiz, Technical & Medical Language, Drive Stick, Juggling, Whistling, Character Voices and Ear-Wiggling

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