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"But, what I really want

to do is direct."


Doesn't everybody?


I've always had a knack for seeing the big picture and yet still finding my way through the details that add up to an exciting whole. 


I've had the pleasure of directing the lovely ladies below along with numerous other projects.   Need an outside eye to help shape the vision, the let's talk.

Adrienne Visnic was the 2nd runner-up during LA's Next Great Stage Star 2014. She and I had a great time creating her debut solo cabaret show called Sunny Side Up.  She's a unique talent with an emotional and vocal maturity well beyond her years.

Time to Take a Breath

LA's Next Great Stage Star 2013 was Charlotte Mary Wen.  She was overcome with tears of joy during her winning moment, but she brought nothing but smiles and cheers for her solo cabaret debut on October 27, 2013.  Taking a moment shortly after graduating from USC to launch her post school career, she embodied all of the great elements that make for an entertaining evening.  Plus, she was a blast to direct.

LA's Next Great Stage Star winner for 2014 was Jennife Kranz.  I was very proud and pleased to help Jennifer find her way through her first solo cabaret show after her big win.  Even though she wanted to sing any number of dark and intense songs that went against her beauitful blond exterior, we were still able to find some great comedy moments to make the evening thoroughly entertaining.

Home Again

LA's Next Great Stage Star winner for 2016, Maggie Randolph, brought her amazing personal story and incredibly unique voice to her delightful cabaret.

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